Physics at Virginia

Simonetta Liuti

Ph.D., 1989, Rome, "La Sapienza"
Laurea in Fisica, 1984, Università degli Studi di Perugia

Research Professor

Theoretical Nuclear and Particle Physics

Research Interests

Professor Liuti´s research involves theoretical studies of the quark and gluon internal dynamics of the proton. The fundamental interactions of quarks and gluons are governed by the beautifully concise Lagrangian of quantum chromodynamics (QCD), however, to be able to understand the mechanisms generating the proton mass, spin and mechanical properties in terms of quarks and gluons is one of the biggest challenges in physics today. Professor Liuti's work has been focused on understanding how the nucleon gets its spin from its fundamental degrees of freedom: is the orbital motion of quarks and gluons relevant and how do we describe it in QCD?  The theoretical tools that allows us to obtain information on angular momentum and other mechanical properties including pressure and shear are the 3D parton distributions, or the Wigner distributions at the femtoscale.  A new generation of current and planned experiments at the future Electron Ion Collider (EIC) could in principle allow us to incorporate all the information from data and phenomenology into a tomographic image connecting the deepest part of the quantum world with what we see as everyday matter around us. Accessing this new type of knowledge has far reaching consequences as it could even impact our understanding of the interior of neutron stars.

Selected Publications

A. Rajan, M. Engelhardt and S. Liuti
"Lorentz Invariance and QCD Equation of Motion Relations for 
Generalized Parton Distributions and the Dynamical Origin of Proton Orbital Angular Momentum''
arXiv:1709.05770 [hep-ph]
Phys.\ Rev.\ D 98, no. 7, 074022 (2018)
S.K. Taneja, K. Kathuria, S. Liuti and G.R. Goldstein
"Angular momentum sum rule for spin one hadronic systems,'
arXiv:1101.0581 [hep-ph]
Phys. Rev. D 86, 036008 (2012)  


S. Ahmad, G.R. Goldstein and S. Liuti
"Nucleon Tensor Charge from Exclusive \(\pi^o\) Electroproduction''
arXiv:0805.3568 [hep-ph]
Phys. Rev. D 79, 054014 (2009)   


G.R. Goldstein, J.O. Gonzalez Hernandez and S. Liuti
 "Flexible Parametrization of Generalized Parton Distributions from Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering Observables,''
  arXiv:1012.3776 [hep-ph]
  Phys. Rev. D 84, 034007 (2011)   

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SESAPS Slack Award []

Dr. Simonetta Liuti has demonstrated excellence in service to the physics community of the Southeast through her contributions at Jefferson Lab, leadership roles within SESAPS, and the promotion of inclusion in physics in the region. Dr. Liuti has made significant contributions to the Jefferson Lab science program via her theoretical work and her prominent involvement with the establishment of the Center for Nuclear Femtogrophy (CNF) at Jefferson Lab.  In addition, she has supported SESAPS through her service in the chair line from 2012-2016 and as SESAPS program meeting chair in 2014.  Finally, Dr. Liuti has helped further the goals of improving diversity and inclusion in the Southeast physics community through the organization of various workshops and meetings and participation in committees, with particular focus on (although not limited to) the role of women in physics.