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Origin of Long Lifetime of Charge Carriers in Solar Cell Perovskites
When sunlight shines on a semiconducting material, electrons in the material can be excited from their original states to higher energy states, forming photo-excited electrons and leaving empty states (called holes) in the original states. Usually ... More >
2017-18 Deaver Scholarship Application Form for Physics Majors
The Deaver Scholarships were established to honor Bascom S. Deaver, a retired physics department professor, and are awarded to students who have declared or are intending to pursue an undergraduate major in physics. They are competitive and awarded ... More >
A novel quantum phase transition and super-entangled states
One of the main quests of many-body physics and quantum information is to understand quantum phases and in particular the entanglement present in them. In this work, Zhao Zhang and Amr Ahmadain, working with Prof. Klich, have uncovered a novel ... More >
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