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Atomic, Molecular, & Optical High Energy Nuclear & Particle Condensed Matter

Faculty Profile:
Jeffrey Teo. (Assistant Professor). A central theme of condensed matter physics is the study of systems with ...More >
Student Profile:
John Wood. (Graduate Student). My name is John Wood, and I conduct research for the High Energy Physics group, under the tutelage of Professor ...More >
Liting Xiao
Xiao Receives ISO Academic Excellence Award
Liting Xiao received the International Studies Office Graduating International Students Awards in the category for Academic Excellence See ... More >
Janet Rafner
Janet Rafner Featured in UVaToday Series on Class of 2015
From UVaToday:   "... the fateful combination of being encouraged to undertake interdisciplinary study and a chance encounter ... More >
Craig Group
Group wins 2015 Cory Family Teaching Award
Assistant Professor Craig Group has won the 2015 Cory Family Teaching Award. This is a prize presented annually to two untenured tenure-track professors ... More >