Physics at Virginia

Statement of Values

Code of Conduct


The work of the Department of Physics Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee is focused on creating and maintaining an environment where every member of the UVA Physics community feels welcomed and respected in their learning, research and work. We would like this to be achieved at all levels: Faculty, administrative staff, research staff, teaching staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students.

We seek to integrate DEI values into our core missions of Physics research and education. This work is typically done through:

  • Programs
  • Communication
  • Advocacy

The committee members cannot create or nurture this culture on our own – every single person needs to buy in and be an active participant.

Our Work

Every academic year, each DEI Committee in the College of Arts and Sciences has a set of goals that they and their committee work towards. Goals from recent years:

  • 2019-20:
  • 2020-21:
    • Development of a department Statement of Values and Code of Conduct
    • Completion of a review of Undergraduate Curriculum and Major Requirements 
    • Initiation of the Department Policy Equity Review
    • Create a web presence for the DEI Committee and PhysicsBridge