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Schauss Selected as a 2023 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow in Physics

Wednesday, February 15 2023

Peter Schauss is this year’s winner of an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation fellowship for his work with ultra-cold quantum gases and quantum many-body physics. Peter has pioneered the development of “quantum gas microscopy” techniques for probing many-body physics in ultra-cold quantum gases.  Schauss’ group designed and built a new quantum gas microscope, and demonstrated site-resolved imaging of ultracold fermionic atoms trapped in a triangular optical lattice.

For more, see https://sloan.org/fellowships

For a nice write-up, see http://as.virginia.edu/sloan-fellowships-will-advance-research-clean-energy-and-quantum-physics

Tags: Peter Schauss Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics