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  Thomas Anderson   Thomas Anderson

tba9h@Virginia.EDU email      
  Jeff Behrend   Jeff Behrend
Business Administrator

jab3qv@Virginia.EDU email 924-6801 tel 102 JBL Office  
  Andy Cavanaugh   Andy Cavanaugh

ac7zk@Virginia.EDU email      
  Peter Cline   Peter Cline
Academic Support Administrator

psc2c@Virginia.EDU email   101 JBL Office  
  Clara Colby   Clara Colby
Web Weaver

cc8a@Virginia.EDU email 924-6165 tel 022 JBL Office  
  William Fariss   William Fariss
Laboratory Instrument Maker

whf2g@Virginia.EDU email 924-6567 tel 117 JBL Office  
  Eric Fernandez   Eric Fernandez
Mechanical Technician

eaf7r@Virginia.EDU email 982-5370 tel 121 HEP Office  
  Charlotte Foster   Charlotte Foster

cef2n@Virginia.EDU email      
  Shawn Gimbert   Shawn Gimbert
Computer/Network Support Technician

sgimbert@Virginia.EDU email 924-0851 tel 110 JBL Office  
  Stephen Goadhouse   Stephen Goadhouse
Electronics Engineer
B.S., 1994, NC State University

sdg6h@Virginia.EDU email 982-5594 tel 265 JBL Office  
  Beth Guyton   Beth Guyton
Administrative Assistant to the Chair
B.S., 1996, Virginia Commonwealth

eko5r@Virginia.EDU email 924-6791 tel 102 JBL Office  
  Paul Hissam   Paul Hissam
Laboratory Instrument Maker

pgh9k@Virginia.EDU email      
  Vicky Ingram   Vicky Ingram

vli@Virginia.EDU email 924-6589 tel 323 JBL Office  
  Zander Kessler   Zander Kessler
Stockroom Assistant

zok3c@Virginia.EDU email 924-6593 tel 112 JBL Office  
  Rick Marshall   Rick Marshall
Director of Laboratories
Ph.D., 1985, Virginia

rmm5a@Virginia.EDU email 924-3080 tel 103B JBL Office  
  Beverly Martyn   Beverly Martyn
Fiscal Manager

bsm8d@Virginia.EDU email 924-6357 tel 112A JBL Office  
  Faye Safley   Faye Safley
Purchasing/Accounts Payable Manager

mfs@Virginia.EDU email 924-6797 tel 112A JBL Office  
  Nikolay Sandev   Nikolay Sandev
Instructional Laboratories Technologist
M.S., 1983, Sofia University

ns9b@Virginia.EDU email 924-6800 tel 202 JBL Office  
  Dawn Shifflett   Dawn Shifflett
Fiscal Specialist

dbs5s@Virginia.EDU email 924-6317 tel 101 JBL Office  
  Tammie Shifflett   Tammie Shifflett
HR/Payroll Administrator

tms4t@Virginia.EDU email 924-6565 tel 101 JBL Office  
  Larry St. John   Larry St. John

las2xa@Virginia.EDU email 924-6807 tel 115 JBL Office  
  Jessie Thacker   Jessie Thacker
Physics and Educational Outreach Assistant
B.S., 2010, Longwood University

jt2pj@Virginia.EDU email 924-3781 tel 101 JBL Office  
  Al Tobias   Al Tobias
Lecture Demonstrator, Experimental Biological and Medical Physics,Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics
Ph.D., 2001, Virginia

wat4y@Virginia.EDU email 924-6800 tel 202 JBL Office  
  David Wimer   David Wimer
Machine Shop Foreman

dfw5a@Virginia.EDU email 924-6567 tel 117 JBL Office  
  Fred Woodson   Fred Woodson

flw4c@Virginia.EDU email      
  Bryan Wright   Bryan Wright
Information Technology Manager
Ph.D., 1990, Virginia

bkw1a@Virginia.EDU email 924-7218 tel 315C JBL Office